the E-XC = Power in the Forest

August 13, 2018


So, I took a ride down through Forest Park last week on the E-XC.  What a blast!  The bike just rides so comfortably over the rough old track that once was a road for Ford model Ts to tour the forest.  Well, long ago it was converted to a bike and hiking path and is a huge favorite among Portlanders.  It is rough, though and this is where the cross country roots of the E-XC stand out.  Smooth suspension and a strong frame combine with a powerful 700 watt torque sensored SYIdrive mid motor system.   This bike can run with the cyclocross gravel bike racers that frequent the park and still  out run a car on the street.   Just the right amount of power is the key.  Too much and the biek would need a heavy high capacity battery to go the 30 - 50 miles on a charge that it can.  Too little and, well, who wants to stop powering at 20 mph and get bogged down on the hills like some of the better known bosch and brose mid drives.   They make you pay more for the power to go 27+mph and climb the mountains.  Power and 28mph is standard on the E-XC.









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